Mary-Jo Hill

10 Jan 2017

I wish I had a fiver for every time a client apologises for ‘offloading’ to me despite the fact that this is a core aspect of my work. The embarrassment and apparent ‘waste’ of time and resources associated to this felt by some teachers and leaders leaves to really question how selfless the act of teaching becomes. The absence of the teacher’s needs in the overt presence of the student’s appears to be robbing the teacher of some much needed talk time. Not sure if such embarrassment would be felt if we were talking about a pupil and how they were managing their peers and workload.

It takes a while to promote the fact that when something is not working and our personal and social resources are not adequate to address it,  that the very act of talking about it creates the meta-cognition that is so useful. The thing that is not working becomes voiced, known and shared and that new ownership makes it ripe for transformation. The experience will then mutate and sit differently. It is not dis-owned or repressed or ignored. As a result of accepting the challenge, we can play with the subjective and objective viewpoints,  analysing the logical and analytical view alongside the personal and idiosyncratic.

“Thank you” she said,

“You have made me realise today that my inaction is not okay.”