Mary-Jo Hill

10 Aug 2020
The return to school requires strategic, planned and independent support for headteachers. Schedule supervision now for the year ahead.

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I hope that most school leaders are succeeding in having a real break from the months of relentless highly reactionary work that due to its run on adrenaline, is often hard to climb down from. How easy has it been to switch off the think-throughs and the what-ifs of contingency planning? This August is more loaded than ever before. Will we, won’t we, we should, we must… The uncertainty and fragility still hovers. How we experience this next phase moving forward will be so varied for all of us. Timetables and routines are craved for by students and teachers alike, but what will these really look like? Structured support for headteachers might not have all the answers, but it offers a safe space where they can share and work on the daily challenges that will surface with this new reality.

Managing the copious demands from and responses to stakeholders: the students, the parents, the support staff, the governors, will no doubt increase the workload of managers. Looking after staff is the number one priority that will take more time than ever imaginable. The role of effective management is oft the bedrock of a headteacher’s skillset. It can be a comfortable place of action and following instructions, so how do we ensure that the leadership is not left behind in all of this?

Headteachers are under pressure to be strong for their staff but many have no-one to turn to for support or do not want to burden others. This academic year is guaranteed to be a prolonged and difficult one.

It is time to seek support for headteachers

Structured, planned and strategic group supervision for headteachers is one way of ensuring this. Coach for School Improvement provides this and welcomes headteachers to join this independent and confidential space 5 x times over the next academic year to sustain you as a person, as a leader, in the role and to ensure that you have protected space to lead and not just to manage. Spaces available for the academic year 20-21. Contact us or email [email protected] to book your space.