Mary-Jo Hill

04 Sep 2022
Most headteachers will have returned to school already and embraced this new academic year with zest, vigour and a renewed focus. Leading all your stakeholders with conviction, integrity and containment is going to be no mean feat this term for obvious reasons.

My own love of September is based upon this renewal and optimism as we return to school. A fresh start in vision and practise. Embracing these opportunities whilst surrounded by the natural beauty of early Autumn can be invigorating.

And yet, it is worth reminding ourselves that this is not the case for all edu-staff. Even those used to the rhythms of the education industry. Certainly, there will be many teachers that have a sense of dread of the new term and are feeling this right now. Many teachers will be enjoying their last day of ‘freedom’ before tomorrow’s start of term and tonight’s Sunday night feeling.

Working out new ways of managing the pace of continuous demand from students, staff and parents will be about routines, procedures and strategic self-care. Investment in one to one quality and independent coaching for headteachers and senior leaders is a strategic management of human resources and vital to maintain professional stamina.

Return to school and the pressure is on

The usual pressures remain. The impact of wider societal issues are especially acute at the school gates. This term is going to place more families in positions of overwhelm than ever before. These will be projected onto the school community in a variety of ways such as managing students that really require more specialised resources

Thank you in advance

Pushing forward with integrity is the true gift of the #headteacher. Your role and position is more important than it has ever been. Wishing you all a solid first week and most importantly one with no parental complaints!