Mary-Jo Hill

03 Dec 2021
Schools are still in survival mode between now and the end of term, with plays, concerts, decorations, fairs and jolly Christmas Jumper days keeping the mood light and bearable, but there is a sharp and dark reality that we have a creaking and cracking system around us. Every teacher and parent that I know will have shed tears on hearing the details of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes' short and frightening life experience.

I am beginning to lose count on my fingers, how many times, as a coach in the education sector, that I am supervising SENDCo’s and teachers and headteachers that are having sleepless nights, wrought with worry because despite making it very clear and vocal on the needs required for some of their most vulnerable students, their recommendations are not acted upon. Although easy to blame the severity of this case on the Lockdown limitations, this is not really the issue here. The services surrounding them are really not listening. The reason they are not listening is despite clear input from education partners, there really is no ability to provide these children with what is required. The gap is huge. More will slip down. It all feels very helpless. There is a clear stereotypical visual image of a toddler sticking their fingers in their ears because they do not want to hear or digest what is being said to them. We have children’s social care quite often having to do the same thing because they cannot hold the responsibility of what they are being tasked with. This is not an easy career or role. Neither is headship.

Strategic support for headteachers and senior leaders

Now is the time to start thinking about how the leaders of your school/s and Trusts are being supported independently with some strategic leadership support for the rest of this academic year. A Series of 6 sessions, I per month, would take you them to the end of the academic year. Contact [email protected]. It could be the best ‘professional’ Christmas present for 2021.