Mary-Jo Hill

13 Sep 2016

Refreshed after a sunny August break, and as colleagues and children return to new classrooms and routines, I feel able to observe, identify and rationalise the manner in which the new set of routines and views of fellow parents/new colleagues may be quite different to the ones I so take for granted. At what point will my hackles be raised, when will someone or some circumstance really get my dander up and how will I respond? How will I acknowledge and accept the cognitive dissonance presented to me as my core values are jarring just a little with theirs?

Chatting to a colleague who returned to work last week – her summer break had resulted in the resilience to politely yet assertively point out to one of her colleagues that the way in which she conducts herself in certain instances at school was at times both rude and offensive. The colleague in question took it as graciously as possible all things considered. She also had the resilience to accept the feedback and the humility to explain her own challenging circumstances. Important conversations for week one.

What or whom will be the first to raise your hackles this term? What will your typified response be? What would you like it to be?