Mary-Jo Hill

29 Dec 2022
After a successful and 'normal' Autumn Term; the first for a long while, it feels like it is crunch time in schools. As we move swiftly to January 2023, there is a feeling of reaching a crucial point or situation, typically one at which a decision with important consequences must be made.

As we head into Spring One

It is crunch time in schools as the mocks are fast upon us, merely weeks away from the SATs and other tests are on their way. The gaps that Covid provided are becoming more apparent as we move into the Spring Term and embrace 2023. How will you, as a teacher and headteacher, manage this next term?

We are entering a new era

The challenges are becoming more apparent. Many classes and schools have been held together with high absenteeism and skeletal staff. Has much changed in the last 12 months in relation to staffing?

What does your year 3 dip look like?

Whist noting that the Year 3 dip is more pronounced than ever this year, it is of course, as we all know, that it is not only year 3 that will be affected by lower levels of self-efficacy and resilience and frankly, the necessary security in the school setting to nurture progress.

The shift from reactive to pro-active?

It takes an experienced, confident and well-resourced headteacher to have made the necessary shift from dominant management mode to more pro-active leadership over the last term. This is challenging at the best of times, so the additional reserves required for this right now, takes a determination and enduring vision that only the truly vocational can sustain.

Strategic and independent support?

Accessing strategic and independent professional support via 121 coaching can help. Understanding the motivational processes that gives rise to enduring and sustained behaviour change will help shift to new horizons with both staff and in the staff’s management of students. Self-determination theory claims that there are three basic innate needs: autonomy, relatedness and competency. Working out how to manage these for best effect within the school/ federation or Trust is the stuff of everyday. Wishing you all well for 2023.