Mary-Jo Hill

21 Jul 2020
We present Nick Read, Headteacher of Worstead Primary school in Norfolk.

Photo by: Archant/Eastern Daily Press

Phase One complete

Summer break is here and we still one more Know your Head interview to go!

A sigh of relief for all those that say goodbye to actual students today and can close the school gates for the summer break. It has been so long in coming and I know that many teachers will continue to finish off for the rest of this week at least in getting ready for Phase Two in September. A much needed rest and break from the mental load being carried for all communities, as we know that next term will be just as hard and relentless.

To celebrate today, that closing of one chapter, we present Nick Read, Headteacher of Worstead Primary school in Norfolk. Wishing him a great summer holiday.  

‘Know your Head’ is a project that celebrates the great and continuing work of Norfolk’s headteachers in our community. As always, the interviews are published here and also on our Instagram @coachforschools.

Reading? (apart from the Dfe e-mails)

‘Alone on The Wall’ by free-solo climber Alex Honnold.


Still sticking with the Blacklist, started Season 2 of Das Boot, and for light relief, anything on Channel 5 at 8 pm.

Preferred social media?

None at all!

Most useful social media for school during lockdown?

Not sure, I have been trying to avoid the news and media opinion throughout.

What is keeping you grounded during this time?

Mountain biking in the woods, more than ever.

Unexpected positive outcomes?

More time/excuse to ride, realisation that we changed face to face education into childcare and online learning in 48 hours flat. Schools can achieve anything as long as we are left alone to get on with it. Realised that my back-road commute home is just as silent and empty during lockdown as in normal times (that is a good thing!)

What are you looking forward to?

I don’t want the ‘new normal’ – just normal will do! But professionally, a full, happy school. Personally, a holiday.

A wish for September and / or next academic year?

I genuinely cannot wait to have all the kids back at school in September and miss the buzz of the community. So, I would love to go into the holidays with a solid, working plan that allows that to happen. And secondly, just making it to next weekend will be an achievement, and perhaps our holidays can then start in earnest. Please do not let Luton Airport go into lockdown!