Mary-Jo Hill

09 Jul 2020
We present to you Alex Griffiths, Headteacher at Brooke Primary School.

It is time for our second interview of the series ‘Know your Head’. With this project, Coach for School Improvement wants to celebrate the great and continuing work of Norfolk’s headteachers in our community.  Our view is that these dedicated professionals sometimes get forgotten in the midst of daily tasks and challenges.

As you know, the interviews are published here and also on our Instagram @coachforschools. Today we present to you Alex Griffiths, Headteacher at Brooke Primary School. He has been a headteacher at Brooke since 2018 and has been busy using his creativity to transform the school into a social media phenomenon. We thank Alex for making the time and, without further notice, introduce him to you.

Reading? (apart from the Dfe e-mails)

‘How to Argue with a Racist’ by Adam Rutherford, as I am fascinated in learning about how I can do more for the Black Lives Matter movement


‘The Last Dance’ on Netflix.

Preferred social media?

I am having to force myself to be better on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to help show off the school (@BrookePrimary on all of those!) however I do struggle to enjoy using social media at all!

Most useful social media for school during lockdown?

We have had a few viral videos on Facebook since March. Just before lockdown, when numbers were starting to dwindle, we did a flash mob out on the playground which has been viewed over a quarter of a million times and got a lot of love from all over the world.

What is keeping you grounded during this time?

I am privileged to have two wonderful children and a lovely wife, so am able to quickly switch off from work mode when I get home. I have also done significantly more running than usual since March, most of which happens early-morning.

Unexpected positive outcomes?

I have found the shutdown of schools to be a real leveller for new and experienced headteachers. We are all in this unprecedented situation together and are all focused on doing the best we can for our school, children and staff. Suddenly no-one is an expert, and no-one knows the right answers.

What are you looking forward to?

Celebrating the teamwork and positivity that has become a massive part of our offer in school. I have had an incredible number of positive emails from parents, staff and the wider community praising myself and the school for the decisions that we have taken since March. I am looking forward to building on that in September when all of our children can return.

A wish for September and / or next academic year?

We are allowed to give extra focus where we feel it is most needed at Brooke Primary, and are not instructed to prioritise core subjects. At Brooke, we focus on enriching the children’s learning through art, music, history, geography and technology, and using children’s engagement and motivation to learn to achieve better outcomes for all.