Mary-Jo Hill

17 Dec 2021
Values. Tis my bread and butter as a leadership coach within schools. Actually 'tis the bread and butter of every single headteacher in the land. So what happens, when there appears to be a big shift in core community values and when they are publicly laughed at. How does one react? So easy to be enraged, apoplectic and the rest. But what, as a leader in every school in the land, are you observing right now? An individual that is in a position of responsibility beyond their competency. We all do it and can all be complicit in hindsight. Come on. Let's be realistic. How important is it to you to promote the next ready incumbent candidate because without it, you do not have any budget moving forward or your own get out clause? The reference to Queen and Freddie Mercury is purely to remind us of how different one's life could have been, and how much happier one might have been, had one just been himself? A lesson for us all. Values are what drives us. This is the great place we are in. I celebrate all schools and headteachers for the values that they live and breathe and act in every day. Every day. So easy to preach. As we know full well, as the system does not always concur, but if we don't really try to uphold then, what integrity do any of us have? Thanks to all edustaff for a great term.

In light of the vote of no confidence as a leader, where do we place our values?