Mary-Jo Hill

26 Mar 2023
The pressure and impact of Ofsted has created such sad results this last week. The necessity for headteachers to seek independent support has never been greater.

The recent news has created greater focus to protect our headteachers.

No greater fear exists for a community servant leader in the educational and school sector than an Ofsted report that decides on a category that will be devastating. Does this really still happen? Yes.

The first part of the week

The first part of every single week of every single term has a tinge of fear because the phone call might come. So many headteachers and their immense and wide teams across the country are primed and ready like a well-rehearsed orchestra, but often feel like a tense set of wild animals, ready for the possible fight of their life. The high stake, 90 minute phone call is followed by a swoop of visits and meetings, with the potential for swooping critique, that may suddenly be taking a turn for the worst.

Everyone is primed

The relentless threat of ensuring that the category placed by Ofsted previously (possibly years ago) is maintained at the very least is just that, relentless, when during the last inspection there were probably different staff, a whole new cohort, and without a doubt, a different society with very different pressures.


I know headteachers that are broken by this system for sure. Politics play a larger part than anyone can would wish to be part of. Trusts and chains have their own pressures to reduce costs and an easy pick of a school to enforce federation or to join a Trust is just part of the bigger game.

Every teacher I know does the absolute best they can

There is little room for such harsh criticism that can floor the heart of what schools are trying to do. The recent Casey review on the Met Police highlights also one of the greatest pressures on schools: social care and mental health. Both the Police and the Education system and the NHS are picking up on services that not so long ago had provision and systems to support the most vulnerable in our communities.

Independent support

I am always available and have access to great coaches that can provide headteachers and senior leaders with the necessary time and space to have 121 independent and expert coaching. Check out out google reviews. Ensure that the governing body fulfil their duty of care to you as a leader in our communities that I and my colleagues salute and praise every single day. Why is coaching important in education?