Mary-Jo Hill

07 Jan 2019

Happy New Year to 2019, and all of that. January, the month of new beginnings, with resolutions to make and habits to break and new ideas to form. A time to reflect on the year gone by and to consider what can I possibly hope to influence in my sphere of work over the next 12 months?

So here it is: how can I influence more schools, in the middle of a funding crisis, to prioritise decent and bespoke CPD in a working culture of such volatility; where the currency of goodwill is heading globally towards a deficit model owing to the lack of resilience and slack given to, and by, most of its members. How to shift that thinking from a crisis model and the reactionary tale of hiring a coach as a punitive measure: to sort out, fix or solve a teacher that just is not cutting it right now to one of creativity and growth?  The culture of fear is really strangling a lot of creativity right now. How do we move on from such a culture of fear?

Schools that provide regular 121 professional and external coaching for their staff, as an entitlement for all and who recognise this as an important way of learning more about how you might work more effectively as a leader, manager, teacher and as a team: they really do know the secret. They are on the balance of being okay as they support and value colleagues to refine, create, experiment and soar to take risks in a professional way. A growth community, using the Design Thinking Process, as highlighted by Professor Bill Burnett, here, from Stanford University. The very nature of coaching teachers, enables a curiosity,  that I am sorry to say, so rarely exists within a school timetable. So there we have it: the need to influence those responsible for next year’s timetabling! Increase resilience of those teachers by ensuring they have regular and bespoke CPD timetabled. What impact would one lesson a fortnight potentially have? Wish me luck!