Mary-Jo Hill

20 Jan 2018
Are we crazily living our life through a lens? Probably. What is your current lens?

The day a pop single made me think about being chained to life patterns.

Does anyone still have a cd player in their car? The car is feeling quite decrepit already and only just over ten years old. The rear passenger electric window is broken and will cost more to fix than the value of the car. Still, it gets me places I need to go and more importantly the radio/cd player fills me with joy.

So, there is an album that I am listening to a lot and can’t stop hitting the eternal repeat of Katy Perry’s ‘Chain to a Rhythm’. Listening to this great pop tune, some thoughts came up.

Before diving in my relfection, make yourself a favor and enjoy Miss Perry’s fabulous work!

Are we crazily living our life through a lens? Probably. What is your current lens?

So put your rose-tinted glasses on? Definitely. Allows us to procrastinate at length.

What patterns of life are we so chained to that we cannot see another pattern? (what books are you marking, what is the impact of your marking?).

During the process of 6 years coaching for school improvement I have met teachers and leaders that suddenly realise that they are on a treadmill of doing, rather than thinking and doing. And there is where the danger lies.

A school calendar (and daily school continuous demands) leads us to a rhythm that can sometimes distort the rationale that is going to give us the answer to the fundamental question “What is going to have the greatest impact?”

What dance are we dancing to?  (in distortion).

Are we tone deaf? Sweeping it under the mat? Chained to life patterns without realising it? Avoiding questioning and being questioned?

And as Katy Perry so eloquently puts it as we shrink back to the life going on before us…”Drink, this one’s on me.”

Pint of wherry anyone?