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It is okay to offload

10 Jan 2017

The absence of the teacher's needs in the overt presence of the students appears to be robbing the teacher of some much-needed talk time.

‘Good enough’: An answer to teachers’ perfectionism

04 Jan 2017

What do students get from (schools, teachers, headteachers) constant drive for perfection? The 'good enough' concept might have the answer.

A little unsure: The importance of ‘leadership response’

29 Sep 2016

How does the leader ensure he pays enough attention to all the staff and not ignore the ones that are quietly getting on with it?

New term… hackles up yet?

13 Sep 2016

What or whom will be the first to raise your hackles this term? What will your typified response be? What would you like it to be?

The difficulty of coaching

15 Jul 2016

"I have just realised that I am hopeless at listening". A breakthrough moment that shows the difficulty of coaching. The challenge of identifying and admitting your limitations. 

What are the risks of not taking risks?

16 May 2016

Security, safety, familiarity, comfort are all notable and worthy situations to nurture and be nurtured. So at what point to these factors slide us into states of routine, autopilot, boredom and lethargy?

Graciousness: It is all about time

06 Jan 2016

It is easy to mistake good manners for graciousness but it is more than that.

‘New Professionalism’ is improving pupil progress

20 May 2011

The four aspects of what is coined 'New Professionalism': Professional Standards, Performance Management, On-going CPD and NQT induction are all perceived to be contributing to improving pupil progress, albeit to varying degrees.