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Coaching: One of the greatest myths about it

16 Jan 2018

One of the greatest myths about coaching in schools still presents itself to me regularly, despite coaching for schools improvement since 2012.

Returning to Core Values

10 Jan 2018

"I am not sure who to get into bed with anymore". A colleague shared this quote from a headteacher who was feeling flummoxed about which companies, experts, charities and academy trusts that they 'ought to' be working with.

What are you listening to?

12 Oct 2017

I am not too sure why I remain so shocked as to the general competency level of most people to be really good listeners. In fact most of the time it is pretty shocking.

INSET Days: Lover or loather?

14 Sep 2017

An experienced colleague has boasted to me of their ability to avoid INSET days at all costs. My heart sinks at such a confession.

The importance of environment for a successful coaching session

09 Aug 2017

Setting the right environment is crucial for a successful coaching session. It is so important, that even Ed Sheeran seems to know that.

Coaching in Schools: Whose agenda is it, anyway?

18 Jul 2017

How can you take it from a straightforward transactional target setting meeting to something more profound?

Parents engagement: Incidental or Strategic?

10 Jul 2017

What training, guidance or expectations have been shared with you on working with parents? Who is expected to say hello first? Which parents do you welcome, which parents do you fear?

What is your preferred lead-in time?

04 Jul 2017

How proactive or reactive is your leadership style? What impact is this having on the functionality of your team?

Social networking in schools: real or virtual?

17 Jun 2017

How do the staff in your school use their staffroom? Indeed, do you still have a staffroom?

“I want to be told what to do, so coaching is not for me”

22 Mar 2017

Absolutely, I agree that coaching is not for everyone but I still had to resist the urge again to want to convince my colleague of another interpretation.