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The vocational versus the pragmatic: MBA

26 Feb 2019

Coaching a teacher, or headteacher to be more effective in the classroom and as a leader within a complex, volatile and constantly changing environment is immensely rewarding.

Staff retention rates: Another one bites the dust

08 Feb 2019

Staff retention rates have, and always will be, an issue in such volatile and complex environments such as schools.

Crisis mode: Hangover culture

07 Jan 2019

A time to reflect on the year gone by and to consider what can I possibly hope to influence in my sphere of work over the next 12 months?

In-group bias: Staying ‘woke’

21 Nov 2018

Lest we forget.

What does coaching in schools really do?

31 Oct 2018

Sometimes improving teacher quality is not about gaining new knowledge but about getting the old knowledge out.

Rural Business Awards: Shortlisted!

01 Aug 2018

Recognition. So vital and so important.

Difficult conversation: The fine line between collusion and challenge

09 Jul 2018

I find many teachers and educational professionals too scared to have a difficult conversation.

Online Coaching Course: In need of a leg up?

02 Jun 2018

Here I am, with a new revised website and an online coaching course, a platform for teachers and wider educational staff and schools.

Examinations Officers: In praise of the CEO

29 Apr 2018

Coaching the wider school professional includes Examination Officers.

My silver lining

24 Feb 2018

Taking the easy road. We all do it. Me included. Complicit to what norms?