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Headteacher Wellbeing

17 Nov 2020

In our very first guest blog, Alex Griffiths, Headteacher of Brooke Primary School, brings a reflection on headteacher wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

10 Nov 2020

Coaching and mentoring are terms that are still misunderstood and often interchanged in school environments.

Can one only understand the impact of coaching by being coached?

30 Oct 2020

It is heartening to find those without experiencing it, could understand and find value in the coaching practices.

Zoom Session: Coaching in Education

21 Oct 2020

School Leadership: The show must go on

21 Oct 2020

I know many have had hard times, really hard times but I celebrate and feel joyous for all the students and teachers and schools.

Know your Head: John Neenan

20 Oct 2020

We present you one more of the amazing Norfolk's headteachers: John Neenan from Aylsham St Michael's CofE VA Primary and Nursery School.

What happens to your leadership style under continued pressure?

14 Oct 2020

Holding it together at work can be hard.

World Teachers’ Day 2020

05 Oct 2020

Enjoy your day dear teachers, more than ever you deserve all the homages due.

What does a school improvement specialist do?

29 Sep 2020

So, what does a school improvement specialist do indeed? It's not a simple answer or even a simple role, but one that can only be achieved when schools have the time and space to do it.

COVID-19: When things get difficult

23 Sep 2020

The humour, humility and fragility headteachers have been showing, even under an immense amount of pressure, is nothing less than impressive.