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3 ways in which coaching can be helpful in lockdown

11 Feb 2021

I understand that there is not enough time to do all that it has to be done. That is exactly why it is so important to stop for at least one hour and pay attention to ourselves. Love, in its many forms raises its head for Valentine's Day.

Closed schools: There is a long way to go

03 Feb 2021

Don't ignore yourself. Even in the middle of the most chaotic day, be kind to yourself.

Crisis in confidence is a shared experience right now

26 Jan 2021

Overriding management is dominating leadership right now. The usual role of the headteacher is being lost like a slow incoming tide.

However do you want me: The challenges of remote learning and teaching

19 Jan 2021

Remote learning and teaching are beyond difficult. Teacher, mother, cook, cleaner, IT technician, personal assistant, therapist, coach and motivational speaker. How many roles can we juggle?

Coaching and mentoring: Supporting the professional development of NQTs in schools

13 Jan 2021

Leading the VNET NQT community this year, as an online experience has been a real challenge. Welcoming news is the Early Career Framework and here I am pleased to introduce Dr Jonathan Doherty, lecturer in teacher education at Leeds Trinity University, whose guest blog is a welcome one.

EDP Future 50: Here we go!

06 Jan 2021

We are absolutely delighted to have been selected as part of the EDP Future 50 programme.

2020. Good riddance and all of that.

15 Dec 2020

It's the last blog post of 2020. Time to look back and evaluate the hardest year we had in recent history.

Mental health and wellbeing: How can external coaching help?

08 Dec 2020

The educational field - like many others - has a stigma around mental health.

Heads and teachers want to leave. Why is this concerning?

02 Dec 2020

Headteachers, teachers and school staff are between the workers most affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Coaching in Norfolk: The challenges and perks of being a rural business

24 Nov 2020

Establishing my business in Norfolk sends a message that rural schools can be as relevant and dynamic as the lure of the urban.