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International Women’s Day: ‘A woman in a man’s world’

08 Mar 2021

Yes, we know at times that it may be a man's world but it would be nothing without a woman, and nothing without both.

We made it. Eight weeks of homeschooling. Lockdown #3

05 Mar 2021

How on earth did we really manage that? Time for a cup of coffee and a moment to celebrate that we all made it through homeschooling, with a tune to lose ourselves in, and a dance around the kitchen.

Men, lockdown and the equality agenda

03 Mar 2021

This post is a tribute to the many men in my professional life, who truly hold all those around them with the utmost respect, whatever their gender.

Working mums. Grateful or livid?

03 Mar 2021

The gender gap still exists. From the lowest paid to the highest-paid, There is still some way to go for working mums.

Women and lockdown: what is the real picture?

25 Feb 2021

The pandemic is a huge reminder of the unequal position women still hold in society, which is clearly reflected by many households.

Chained to a rhythm: 3 years on. Lessons learned. Katy Perry.

18 Feb 2021

The day a pop single made me think about being chained to life patterns. Revisiting a blog post from three years ago.

Exams: Formative, summative, what next?

17 Feb 2021

Exams are cancelled. What does this really mean for teachers, headteachers and pupils all over the UK?

3 ways in which coaching can be helpful in lockdown

11 Feb 2021

I understand that there is not enough time to do all that it has to be done. That is exactly why it is so important to stop for at least one hour and pay attention to ourselves. Love, in its many forms raises its head for Valentine's Day.

Closed schools: There is a long way to go

03 Feb 2021

Don't ignore yourself. Even in the middle of the most chaotic day, be kind to yourself.

Crisis in confidence is a shared experience right now

26 Jan 2021

Overriding management is dominating leadership right now. The usual role of the headteacher is being lost like a slow incoming tide.