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World Teachers’ Day 2020

05 Oct 2020

Enjoy your day dear teachers, more than ever you deserve all the homages due.

What does a school improvement specialist do?

29 Sep 2020

So, what does a school improvement specialist do indeed? It's not a simple answer or even a simple role, but one that can only be achieved when schools have the time and space to do it.

COVID-19: When things get difficult

23 Sep 2020

The humour, humility and fragility headteachers have been showing, even under an immense amount of pressure, is nothing less than impressive.

Why is coaching important in education?

15 Sep 2020

I have many years of experience working as an educational coach. However, unless you have experienced coaching before, it is sometimes hard to convey the impact of the experiential process.

Values. What takes a twitter like to a retweet? Values.

08 Sep 2020

Teachers and NQTs are often advised to get on Twitter. What is Twitter at its best and worst?

Back to School: I trust my headteachers

02 Sep 2020

The six week summer holiday seems a breeze when I look back at the six months I have just had. Self-employed mother; it has been the hardest six months I have known. I hold onto the fact that I trust the three headteachers I am sharing my boys with, are doing their absolute best to provide the best next steps.

The mask debate: When will we move on?

26 Aug 2020

This is still really important as we will have young people in lessons all day long, five days a week in a couple of weeks time. So when can we move on from this masked debate?

Examination season: Mistakes are made

17 Aug 2020

A u-turn of such magnitude takes some bravery. A show of trust in the teaching profession at last. Too little, too late?

Exam results 2020: live theatre – watch it unfold!

12 Aug 2020

It appears that we are all the audience, and the action changes at breakneck speed in response to our visceral reactions.

It will be a long haul, what pit stops have you planned?

10 Aug 2020

The return to school requires strategic, planned and independent support for headteachers. Schedule supervision now for the year ahead.