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My silver lining

24 Feb 2018

Taking the easy road. We all do it. Me included. Complicit to what norms?

Chained to a rhythm

20 Jan 2018

Does anyone still have a cd player in their car?  The car is feeling quite decrepit already and only just over ten years old.  The rear passenger electric window is broken and will cost more to fix than the value of the car. Still, it gets me places I need to go and more importantly the radio/ cd player fills me with joy.

One of the greatest myths about coaching

16 Jan 2018

One of the greatest myths about coaching in schools still presents itself to me regularly, despite coaching with schools for school improvement since 2012. During the process of professional dialogue, we discuss what the experience has been like among many other things.. "It really is like a magic key turning..(laughter) .. thank you.. you really have given me such great advice! " There it is. The moment. The myth.

I am not sure who to get into bed with anymore

10 Jan 2018

An esteemed colleague recently shared this quote from a headteacher who was feeling flummoxed about which companies, experts, charities and academy trusts that they 'ought to' be working with right now. The 'ought to' is the interesting part for me but I will come back to that another time.

What are you listening to?

12 Oct 2017

What exactly are you listening to? Who are you really listening to? I am not too sure why I remain so shocked as to the general competency level of most people to be really good listeners. In fact most of the time it is pretty shocking. A teacher I am working with recently acknowledged that in fact he just can't stop "listening to fix". He is always trying to find the solution; move on the issue; work out what he can do to help.

I dreamt about Ed Sheeran last night..

09 Aug 2017

Whose agenda is it, anyway?

18 Jul 2017

Parent engagement? incidental or strategic?

10 Jul 2017

What is your preferred lead in time?

04 Jul 2017