Mary-Jo Hill

02 Sep 2020
The six week summer holiday seems a breeze when I look back at the six months I have just had. Self-employed mother; it has been the hardest six months I have known. I hold onto the fact that I trust the three headteachers I am sharing my boys with, are doing their absolute best to provide the best next steps.

As a mother of three delightful (did I really say delightful) boys aged 13 and under, and about to be back to school (three different ones!) next week, I trust my headteachers implicitly. The notion that they will have spent all their waking hours and the ones when they can’t sleep, deciding on the best ways forward for their communities and stakeholders is one that I take great comfort in.

They and I will all require extreme patience and I know that I may be one amongst many that will find the new routines frustrating moving forward. I can only hope that I will, as an experienced mother (in years only) be able to manage this with grace and good humour.

It is all about trust

Trusting my headteachers is all I can do. I trust them to be making the best decisions at the best times but I know that the result of minimal actual contact with parents is going to be the greatest challenge of this back to school season. I will have three boys in three different schools (don’t ask) and yet I am most concerned that I will not be able to manage the constant and probably conflicting communication coming from them. All virtual. So I have this dream that all mothers and carers will be able to get free coffee for life from their local coffee shop, to ensure that mothers/carers are connected in this next bit. A trifle celebratory for this stage that we are so welcoming, and yet probably moaning and sympathising will be the key themes of the day, because I have a feeling that 5 days in, the meltdowns on being able to manage what is effectively a full-time position for them (socially, emotionally, yet alone academically, is going to be a sharp and exhausting bolt to the system.)

Yes, they crave routines and timetables. Wow, how much do I? And yet we know that the wheels are all going to come off around day ten. So I need to be prepared. Back to early childhood routines maybe. Bath times, bed times. Tantrums and tears. ‘Tis going to be the biggest shocker for all of us. Good luck all mothers/ carers and in particular good luck to you headteachers. I trust you.