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What is Coaching?

Find out what coaching really is; access resources, engage in Think Pieces and Join the Coaching Connect Network to practise your own coaching skills with other subscribed members of the network.

Develop an in-house coaching team as part of your wider CPD programme.


Welcome to Coach for School Improvement.

Coach for School Improvement provides expert coaching for teachers and wider school staff. In addition, by subscribing to the Coaching Network you will be able to develop and practice your own coaching skills. You may practise these skills with other subscribed members.

We will identify with you where you are in the coaching process. You’ll then get access resources and downloads to actively and anonymously discuss on our website.

Subscription costs £500 per year. Coaching is of significant benefit in distributing leadership and regaining professional confidence to support staff in working to maximum effect. Signup to our newsletter to receive news, updates and information on coaching.

If you would like external, independent coaching please e-mail


What is the impact of coaching?

Recent EEF evidence cites feedback and meta cognition as low cost/ high impact strategies with students. There are clear parallels from this process for teachers.

Coach for School Improvement finds enhanced personal effectiveness and confidence: greater reflectivity: development of techniques for constructively challenging unhelpful behaviours; enhanced energy and job satisfaction and improved problem solving skills. 

How do we measure the Return on Investment of coaching in schools? It’s a tricky task when the path and distance to exam outcomes is varied and not linear. Subscribe to learn more about ROI.  We do know that the most effective CPD lasts at least two terms; needs relevance of content and a rhythm of follow up, as the TDT highlights in this review.

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