Welcome to Coach for School Improvement.

Coach for School Improvement is where teachers and wider educational professionals can find expert and practical advice on coaching as a form of Continual Professional Development (CPD)  within schools. You will then be able to put the skills you are developing into practice with other subscribed members via access to our Coaching Network.

Coach for School Improvement will identify with you where you are in the coaching process. You’ll then get access to useful resources which we encourage you to actively and anonymously discuss on our website. You then opt to receive coaching from colleagues like you, or offer coaching in return.

Access to Coach for School Improvement is by subscription, and costs £500 per year. Explore our website to discover the benefits of coaching and signup to our newsletter to receive news, updates and information on coaching.

If you would like external, independent coaching please e-mail info@coachforschoolimprovement.co.uk